The objective was to determine the optimum percentage of Bos taurus (BT) genes for traits related to lactation performance of crossbred cows. Lactations (n=1,220) from 507 cows with percentage of BT genes ranging from zero to 87.5, were collected from a commercial farm in tropical Mexico. Variables analyzed included lactation length (LL), milk yield per lactation (MYL), MY per day of calving interval (MYCI), and MY per day of stay in the herd (MYDSH). Maximum LL (322 d), MYL (2,898.3 kg), MYCI (6.9 kg), and MYDSH (2.3 kg) were obtained with 83.4, 78.0, 61.0 and 50.0% of BT genes, respectively. Under the conditions of this study, cows with percent of BT genes between 50 and 80% showed superior performance for most MY-related traits. This suggests using crossbreeding systems that best achieve the specified percentage of BT genes.

J. G Garcia-Muniz, R. Garcia-Carreon, R. Lopez-Ordaz, R. Ramirez-Valverde, R. Nunez-Dominguez

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.62, 2006
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