Loci that are associated with differential gene expression profiles as well as phenotypic traits are particularly of interest because the association sheds light on the details of genetic control mechanisms. We analysed the effect of a polymorphism in the gene CAST, a meat quality QTL in pigs, on phenotypic traits and gene expression data using 115 cDNA microarrays. We identified a small set of genes showing differentially expression that is relevant to the variation in the QTL and meat quality traits. Regression analyses provided evidence on the relationship between the QTL, gene expression and phenotype. This study demonstrates that the combination of QTL marker association and gene expression data in principle can be a useful tool for biologists to understand genetic networks in biological systems.

A. C Lam, C. Massault, S. Dornan, J. M Wilkinson, G. Davey, R. Tilley, S. C Blott, C. Sargent, M. Cairns, G. Evans, G. S Plastow, Sara A Knott, Chris S Haley, D. J de Koning

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 23.14, 2006
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