To extract meaningful biological knowledge from microarray experiments it is important to investigate the mechanisms leading to the observed differential expression of genes observed. Analysis of the pathways in which the regulated genes act is one such option. Differential expression of intestinal genes in two chicken lines differing for response to Salmonella enteritidis were investigated with microarrays and the results further analysed for pathway information derived from the KEGG database. A PERL script for database search was written. Of a total of 141 pathways the genes of several pathways showed significant up or down regulation per experiment. Some of the pathways were more generally regulated than others.

M. FW te Pas, S. van Hemert, B. Hulsegge, J. MJ Rebel, M. A Smits

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 23.17, 2006
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