780 Pigs from 8 breeds (strains) were genotyped at the FSHβ locus by PCR-BamH I. The associations of different FSHβ genotypes with total number born, number born alive, total teat number, individual birth weight, body weight, body length, body height, chest girth, and ultrasound backfat thickness at six-month age were investigated by GLM procedure. The results showed that the distribution of the allele and genotype frequencies was significant different among breeds (chi2=494.1, P<0.01). Allele A is in low frequency and allele B is in high frequency in all breeds but Mashen. Allele C is mainly observed in Mashen. No significant associations of FSHbeta genotypes with the traits examined were found in this study.

G. Q Cao, Z. X Zhou, B. G Li, J. H Liu

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 06.34, 2006
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