Published information on genetic polymorphisms in the PrP locus on 94 European sheep breeds was compiled, to investigate possible relationships between allele frequencies and wooltype. Results for ARH and ARQ alleles were combined as ARQ*, and breed wool-types were classified as being coarse/long, short/fine or medium. The results indicate that breeds selected for faster growth rate seem to have higher frequency of VRQ. Coarse-long wool breeds have higher incidence of the ARQ* allele and lower incidence of ARR. On the other hand, ARR is mostly associated with short and fine wool breeds. It would be important to investigate if the same pattern of association with wool diameter/length is found within breed.

F. Santos-Silva, M. I Carolino, C. O Sousa, N. Carolino, C. Ginja, L. T Gama

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 05.17, 2006
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