One hundred purebred boars 34 Landrace and 66 Duroc were used to determine the relationships between real-time ultrasonic and carcass measures of the 10th and last rib backfat thickness (BF) and longissimus muscle area (LMA), and to develop prediction equations that can be used to estimate lean weight for the two breeds of pigs. Ultrasonic and carcass measured LMA was more highly correlated for Landrace (r=0.53 to 0.64) compared with Duroc (r=0.52 to 0.60) boars. Prediction of lean weight from scan weight and real-time ultrasound BF and LMA gave an accuracy (R2) from 0.455 to 0.805. Results indicate the capability of real-time ultrasound to be used as a predictor of carcass composition and in genetic evaluation programs in swine populations for selection of carcass performance.

L. L Lo, R. S Lin, T. H Huang, H. L Chang, H. L Tsou, N. C Lin

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 06.43, 2006
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