Effect of methods on reduction of bias in cow breeding values (EBV) for protein yield was investigated. Methods were used with the Dutch random regression test-day model (TDM). The currently applied method (OFF) standardises heterogeneous variances for permanent environment and residual across herd test-days. New methods were developed that also accounted for non-normality of distributions. Bias in EBV was calculated for Holstein bull dams as the difference between her EBV without progeny information and the EBV of her son, corrected for the mate. Compared to method OFF, new methods reduced bias in EBV protein yield by 5-33%. Correlation between parent average and EBV of bulls did not differ between methods. EBV of bull dams from new methods were more stable in time than EBV from method OFF.

E. J van Steenbergen, A. PW de Roos, Gerben de Jong

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 24.05, 2006
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