The aim of the present study was to estimate individual and economic responses to selection for milk (MY), fat (FY) and protein (PY) yields to different breeding goals for two commercial milk production systems characterized by: (1) all milk is sold to the industry (MILK); (2) all milk is used in the mozzarella cheese making process at the farm (MOZZARELLA). The current milk payment policy is based exclusively in the milk volume. Economic responses (ER) were calculated for three different breeding goals: (1) MY exclusively (BG1); (2) FY+PY (BG2) and (3) MY+FY+PY (BG3). The highest ER for the MILK system were found for BG1, while for the MOZZARELLA system, the highest ER were found for BG3. The results suggest that for the present circumstances, selection for milk components is only advantageous when mozzarella making is incorporated to the production system.

L. O Seno, Vera Lúcia Cardoso, H. Tonhati

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.80, 2006
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