Most studies of QTL detection for milk production traits has been carried out in cattle, mainly from aggregate data. There is a report about the association between chromosomal regions and the scale and shape descriptors of the lactation curve in dairy cattle using test-day models. A total of 208 goats were genotyped for 24 microsatellite in a half-sibs design (8 bucks). Across the CHI3, CHI6 and CHI20, we identified six chromosomal regions affecting the lactation patterns of Creole and crossbreed goats. Most of the results were consistent with the QTL detected in dairy cattle, using aggregated lactation measures. This information could be a helpful tool for different selection strategies in dairy goats, as it allows selecting individuals carrying specific alleles that are responsible for a given lactation pattern.

D. L Roldan, J. Fernandez, S. Saldano, A. E Rabasa, F. Holgado, R. JC Cantet, M. A Poli

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 02.17, 2006
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