To introduce some recommendations in the buffalo amelioration Cuban program for milk and meat in its first stage, it was conducted some processing and programming works in SAS with a base data from an experimental genetic buffalo dairy unit for the qualification of sire mothers. Potential total milk yield produced to weaning was considered as criterion for evaluation (mechanical milk collected individually added to milk consumed by their calves estimated from born to 8 month weaning weight gain). These values were adjusted by covariance to calving age, then for calving season (2) and calving year (3) effects. This procedure should be considered as a simple methodology to be applied in genetic buffalo units under the actual conditions of production in Cuba, where it is not possible to employ initially more sophisticated methods of buffaloes genetic evaluation for meat and milk.

L. M Fraga, R. P de Leon, M. Gutierrez, O. Fundora, M. Mora, M. E Gonzalez

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 01.66, 2006
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