Estrogen receptor (ESR) can regulate the synthesis of oestrogen and affect the reproduction performance of swine. The association between the PvuII polymorphism at the estrogen receptor gene and litter size was analyzed in Shanxi White Pig population using PCR-SSCP. The results showed that B allele frequency was higher in Shanxi White Pig than that in Large White and Landrace. ESR genotypes were significantly associated with the total number born (TNB) and the number born alive (NBA) (P<0.05). TNB of the sow of BB genotype was significantly different from those of AA and AB genotypes (P<0.05). TNB and NBA was higher for the BB genotype than those of AA and AB. Each copy of allele B could increase TNB and NBA of gilts by approximately one piglet/litter.

Liu JianHua, Li BuGao, Cao GuoQing, Zhou ZhongXiao

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 06.28, 2006
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