In the casein gene region 39 SNPs were typed for 436 bucks from the Norwegian dairy goat-breeding scheme. Data for the daughters were corrected by the analysis of a bigger dataset before DYDs for 207 of the bucks were formed and a weighted analysis of random effects of two alleles of each SNP done. We found no significant effects of single SNPs on milk quantity or content of fat, protein, or lactose. 21 probable haplotypes were formed for the 4-gene region, based on information on genotypes of relatives and genotype frequencies. We could model significant effects of the haplotypes, but had difficulties in including many SNPs in the same model.

T. Adnoy, N. Hagesather, B. Hayes, S. Lien

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume , , 24.18, 2006
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