A total number of 86’899 hatching eggs were collected from 4 different lines consisting of white- and brown laying stock from selected commercial populations and experimental lines. Heritability and breeding values were estimated for early, medium, and late embryonic survival ability and hatchability. The estimated heritabilities were low and ranged from 0.029 to 0.188 for different traits. Based on estimated breeding values, 2’082 yolk sample from 732 high and low hatching commercial hens and 495 yolk samples from 171 hens from experimental lines were sampled to determine metabolite profiles using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry. A total number of 109 different metabolites known in egg yolk, including fatty acids, amino acids carbohydrates, steroids, glycerides, vitamins, and organic acids, were detected. Using association analysis, metabolites of different components were identified which have a significant influence on embryonic survival ability.

Ahmad Reza Sharifi, Yi Zhang, Steffen Weigend, Annett Weigend, Rudolf Preisinger, Matthias Schmutz, Lilla Roemisch-Margl, Ralf Jonczyk, Mehmet Can Gülersönmez, Hans-Peter Piepho, Waqas Ahmed Malik, Florian Sitzenstock, Henner Simianer

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Species Breeding: Poultry, , 327, 2014
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