The study objective was to determine the effects of milk EPD of beef cows on ability to remain in the herd in different environments. We hypothesized those animals with higher milk EPD may be culled out of the herd at a younger age in forage limited environments. The Red Angus Association of America provided milk EPD and herd records for stayability.  Based on location of the breeders, environments were assigned. The data was analyzed in ASREML3.0 using a mixed model with sire as a random effect, milk EPD and biomes as fixed effects.  The interaction of milk EPD and environment was included in the model.  The interaction term was significant (P<.0001) with regression coefficients of 0.0686, 0.066, 0.072, 0.040, 0.100, 0.073 and 0.057 for the seven biomes with significance of P<.0001.  There were no negative effects of milk EPD on the animal’s longevity.

Miranda M Culbertson, Scott E Speidel, Milton G Thomas, Larry Keenan, Richard Mark Enns

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Species Breeding: Beef cattle (Posters), , 766, 2014
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