Genomic selection in the Australian
beef cattle sector is challenged by the variety of small
breeds and a low number of phenotyped and genotyped
individuals in each breed. The Beef Cooperative Re-
search Center (Beef CRC) derived prediction equations (PE) on mixed-breed and
pure-breed training sets. This paper presents the ac-
curacy of the resulting genomically estimated breeding
values (GEBV) assessed by their genetic correlation to
their phenotypic target trait recorded in the seed-stock
cattle populations of Australian Angus and Brahman.
Accuracies of the majority of GEBVs was between 0.1
and 0.4, and were highest when the PE of the pooled
across-breed training population were used. The difference in accuracies from using pure-breed PEs
were small. Results were generally low compared to accuracies estimated within breeds, but in line with those
derived in other across-breed populations. Thus prediction equations derived by the Beef CRC can contribute
to the implementation of genomic selection in Australian
beef cattle breeding.

Vinzent Boerner, David Johnston, Bruce Tier

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Species Breeding: Beef cattle, , 252, 2014
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