Genomic selection (GS) will create a paradigm shift in pig genetic improvement programs. It will be especially useful in genetic improvement of pork quality traits because these traits are not only economically important but also difficult and expensive to measure. Data on 1,948 commercial crossbred pigs genotyped with the Illumina PorcineSNP60 Beadchip were used to develop genomic prediction equations for pork pH using GBLUP method. The accuracy of prediction for crossbred animals was 0.25 after 10-fold cross-validation. Application of the prediction model to the parental Duroc pure lines showed an accuracy of prediction between the EBV and GEBV of 0.21. We conclude that GS can be applied to the parental purebred lines without substantial loss of prediction accuracy. Future investigations including dominance effects in the genomic prediction model will be explored to further improve genomic prediction accuracy in the parental population.

Younes Miar, Graham Plastow, Heather Bruce, Robert Kemp, Patrick Charagu, Chunyan Zhang, Abe Huisman, Zhiquan Wang

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Genetic Improvement Programs: Selection using molecular information, , 058, 2014
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