We have been updating our undergraduate course in Animal Breeding and Genetics (study load of 6 ECTS). In this paper, we would like to share the thinking process, present some of our first experiences with teaching the updated course, and present some of our wishes for additional features. We were aiming to teach the students such that in their future career they would still have a fair idea about what is animal breeding. Our aim was to present the questions that arise in running a breeding program, and use the theory as tools to answer those questions. Students greatly appreciated that we used the steps involved in running a breeding program as main thread through the course. Some fine-tuning is needed with respect to order of subjects and the balance between classroom lectures and applying the theory in practical assignments

Liesbeth van der Waaij, Dieuwertje Lont, Han A Mulder

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Special Topics: Education and training, , 229, 2014
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