Genotype by environment interaction (GxE) is a source of reduced efficiency in genetic improvement programs. The current study checks the presence of GxE interactions for percentage of premium cuts and intramuscular fat content in Iberian pigs fattened in two production environments: fenced open-air (C) and free-range (M) systems. Variance components and breeding values were estimated from records of 1,078 and 2,146 pigs fattened in C and M, using a model where data from each system are considered as different traits. Heritability values were higher for both traits in the environment with lower harshness (C). Genetic correlations between trait recorded in each system (r2 = 0.42 and 0.70) also pointed out to a weak GxE interaction, resulting in changes of animals breeding values between the two environments. These results advise to consider GxE interactions in breeding programs based on records from these production systems.

Juan M García-Casco, Carmen M. Rodríguez, Luis Silió

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Genetic Improvement Programs: Selection for harsh environments and management of animal genetic resources (Posters), , 420, 2014
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