Feed efficiency is a major consideration in layer breeding. There is an evidence for a QTL affecting body size and thus potentially feed intake at 78 Mb on chromosome 4 (www.animalgenome.org), which contains the candidate gene CCKAR. One SNP within and a SNP close to the CCKAR were investigated for association with Average Feed Consumption (AFC) from pedigree lines of brown (BL) and white (WL) egg-type laying chickens.  Genotypes were collected on sires and AFC on their daughters in two consecutive weeks. High genetic correlation between week1 and week2 AFC (rG>0.87) were estimated.  Heritabilities of weekly WL ranged from 0.23 to 0.29.  In WL, the effects of CCKAR SNPs were highly significant for week1 and average AFC but only suggestively significant in week2.  Generation by genotype interaction was also significant (p>0.001).  For the BL the genotype effect was not significant.

Kaylee Rowland, Anna Wolc, Jesus Arango, Petek Settar, Janet E Fulton, Neil P O'Sullivan, Jack CM Dekkers

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Species Breeding: Poultry (Posters), , 866, 2014
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