BLUPF90 suite of programs for animal breeding with focus on genomics The BLUPF90 suite is a collection of software for mixed-model computations with focus on breeding and genetics applications. Solving of mixed model equations and variances components estimation are supported for general multiple trait, multiple effect models, with different model design per trait and random correlated effects. Genomic analyses using single-step GBLUP are fully integrated in all programs with efficient optimizations for large scale genetic evaluations. The state of art of the BLUPF90 suite with focus in genomic prediction using single-step genomic BLUP is presented. Keywords: genetic evaluation, variance components, genomic prediction, software

Ignacio Aguilar, Shogo Tsuruta, Yutaka Masuda, Daniela Lourenco, Andrés Legarra, Ignacy Misztal

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Methods and Tools - Software, , 751, 2018
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