Summary Maternal nutrition during gestation has long-term effects on skeletal muscle development of the offspring. The objective of this work was to identify differentially expressed genes (DEG) in the blood and muscle tissues of preconditioned beef calves born from cows with and without energy restriction during gestation. Thirty pregnant Angus cows were fed 70% or 100% of their energy requirements during the last third of gestation. The offspring were vaccinated for iBrV and BVDV 8 days post weaning (dpw). Blood samples were collected at 0, 3, 6 and 15 dpw from 12 steers, and muscle samples were collected at 21 dpw from 12 steers and 12 heifers. Total RNA was extracted and sequenced (RNA-seq). For statistical analysis, a negative binomial model including the effects of maternal diet, sex, diet-by-sex interaction, sequencing lane, and RIN score were used for muscle. For blood, sex was substituted for time, and a covariance structure AR(1) was tested. In addition, contrasts (i.e. effect of vaccination and weaning) were analyzed. For the DEG (q-value < 0.05), an enrichment analysis was performed in PANTHER. A total of 521, 1085, and 1317 DEG (q-value < 0.05) were identified in the muscle for the effects of diet, sex, and diet-by-sex interaction, respectively. For blood, 126, 529, and 4 DEG (q-value < 0.05) were identified for effects of diet, time, and diet-by-time interaction, respectively. In the muscle tissue, DEG for diet were enriched for muscle contraction, carbohydrate metabolic process, metabolic process, and cellular glucose homeostasis. For the effect of sex, the DEG were enriched for categories related to acid nucleic metabolic process, such as DNA metabolic process and RNA metabolic process. For blood, for the effect of vaccination and weaning there was an overrepresentation with immune response and stress processes, such as B cell mediated immunity, immune response, and response to external stimulus. In conclusion, enrichment analysis showed that maternal energy restriction affects the expression of genes related most to carbohydrate metabolic process, and to immune response in the blood tissue. Keywords: Fetal programming, gene expression, maternal nutrition, RNAseq.

Leticia Maria Pere Sanglard

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Electronic Poster Session - Biology - Growth and Development, , 646, 2018
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