This study is a first approach to estimate genetic parameters of resistance to Pasteurellosis in an experimental crossbred rabbit population. Novel disease-related traits were the abscess dissemination score, collected post autopsy, a score related to the presence or absence of Pasteurella multocida in the organs, and resistance score. For disease-related traits, heritability estimates ranged from 0.09 (±0.05) to 0.14 (±0.05). Highest heritability was estimated for the resistance trait. Results for heritability estimates suggest a contribution of a genetic component to Pasteurellosis resistance. Genetic correlations among disease-related traits were strongly positive. Genetic correlations between disease-related traits and average daily weight gain were strongly negative. These results support the implementation of a selection against Pasteurellosis in the French breeding programs for meat rabbits. Further investigations will be performed using additional disease-related and production traits. Keywords: pasteurellosis, heritability, genetic correlation, disease resistance, rabbit.

Merina Shrestha, Hervé Garreau, Elodie Balmisse, Bertrand Bed'Hom, Ingrid David, Alain Fadeau, Edouard Guitton, Emmanuelle Helloin, Guillaume Lenoir, Mickaël Maupin, Raphael Robert, Frederic Lantier, Melanie Gunia

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Electronic Poster Session - Biology - Disease Resistance 3, , 231, 2018
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