Improving disease resistance is a key to improve animal welfare and reduce mortality. In our study, resistance to infectious diseases trait had a heritability of 0.05±0.01 in a selection environment and 0.10±0.02 in a challenging environment in rabbits. The genetic correlation between these two traits was 0.70±0.13, indicating a genotype by environment interaction. The genetic correlations of the resistance to infectious diseases (in a challenging or selection environment) with the number of born alive and weaning weight were favourable. Recording disease resistance in challenging environment on sibs of candidates to selection increased the genetic gain on this trait by 30% compared to using records in the selection nucleus only. Keywords: disease resistance, genetic parameters, rabbit, heritability, genetic by environment interaction

Melanie Gunia, Ingrid David, Jacques Hurtaud, Mickaël Maupin, Helene Gilbert, Hervé Garreau

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Electronic Poster Session - Biology - Disease Resistance 3, , 422, 2018
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