Single-step GBLUP (ssGBLUP) procedures have now been implemented into Australia’s BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation system for beef cattle. This major remodelling required the development of many new features and modifications to existing procedures. The first requirement was the construction of a flexible but robust set of procedures for handling and processing of raw SNP genotypes to enable the construction of suitable genomic relationship matrices. The analytical processes were modified to replace with and for the explicit fitting of genetic groups. A new accuracy algorithm was developed and the solver was revised. Examples from Australian Angus and Brahman breeds comparing current BLUP evaluation with ssGBLUP are presented to show the resultant changes and effects of implementing the new genomic evaluations.

David Johnston, Mohammad Ferdosi, Natallie Connors, Vinzent Boerner, Jim Cook, Christian Girard, Andrew Swan, Bruce Tier

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Theory to Application 1, , 269, 2018
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