The influence of oestrus synchronization on estimation of EBV for the trait of fertility A. Kranjčevičová1,2, M. Brzáková11 , J. Přibyl 1 , V. Čáp 2, L. Vostrý 1,2 1 Institute of Animal Science, 10400 Prague Uhříněves, Czech Republic 2 Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Department of Genetics and Breeding, 16500 Prague 6, Czech Republic kranjcevicova.anita@vuzv.cz (Corresponding Author) The objective of the study was to determine the influence of oestrus synchronization on the estimation of breeding value for the binary trait of fertility in Holstein cattle in the Czech Republic. For computations 2 318 976 records on cow conception rates from the years 1996-2014 were used. Information on oestrus synchronization is not included in performance testing in the Czech Republic and therefore it had to be estimated. This estimation was done on the basis of two conditions – numbers of inseminations in a day in comparison with herd average and length of inter-insemination interval. Significance of fixed effects was tested by the least-squares method in SAS programme. Breeding values were estimated by the BLUP-AM method using the blupf90 programme. The control model, unlike the tested model, did not contain a synchronization effect. There was no statistically significant difference between breeding values estimated by the model with oestrus synchronization effect and by the control model. The correlation between the maternal components of breeding values of cows from both models was 1. A reason for a very low amount of variance expressed by the oestrus synchronization effect can be that some individuals were indicated as synchronized even though these individuals were not subjected either to oestrus synchronization or to timed artificial insemination, low or no influence of the estimated synchronization effect on estimated breeding value, or the influence of synchronization effect is already expressed by the environmental effect of herd-year-season of insemination Keywords: dairy cattle, EBV, fertility genetic analysis, oestrus synchronization

Anita Kranjčevičová, Michaela Brzáková, Josef Přibyl, Vojtěch Čáp, Luboš Vostrý

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Electronic Poster Session - Biology - Reproduction 2, , 442, 2018
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