Protein restriction during the growing period reduces the feeding costs even diminishing the growth rate without a detriment of the intramuscular fat content, which is a key meat quality trait. The effect of a low protein diet compared with a standard one in the liver transcriptome of Duroc x Iberian crossbred pigs was studied in order to identify gene pathways and networks modified by protein restriction at two different stages of the growing period. A total of 219 and 611 DE genes and potentially new isoforms were identified in RNA samples of liver proceeding from two batches of pigs slaughtered at 45 and 90 kg of body weight, respectively. The GO enrichment analyses and Genome-Scale Metabolic Network (Recon) revealed an enrichment of DE genes in pathways related with the immune system and lipogenesis at 45 kg and with growth and with cholesterol metabolism at 90 kg. These results point out that the effect of a protein restriction on liver transcriptome is conditional to the growth stage. It should be taken into account for identifying candidate genes related to pig growth and fatness. Keywords: Iberian pigs, protein restriction, transcriptome

Maria Muñoz, Miguel Ángel Fernández-Barroso, Adrián López-García, Carmen Caraballo, María del Carmen Rodríguez, Luis Silió, Juan María García-Casco, Elena González

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Biology - Growth and Development, , 419, 2018
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