The aim of this review is to discuss possible strategies to improve feed efficiency (FE) in broilers and to reduce the environmental impact of poultry meat production. Despite over 30-years of selection, FE traits have sufficient heritability to expect further improvement. A number of different genomic regions potentially affecting FE indicates the highly polygenic character of those traits, which requires a more sophisticated application of genomic information rather than exclusively searching for candidate genes. Further genetic improvement should be examined jointly with feeding strategies, e.g. precision feeding and individual digestibility, and new approaches such as microbiome studies. Keywords: chicken, digestibility, feeding, genetic improvement, selection.

Ewa Sell-Kubiak, Klaus Wimmers, Henry Reyer, Tomasz Szwaczkowski

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Biology - Feed Intake and Efficiency 2, , 493, 2018
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