This study characterized the bovine milk transcriptome of Jersey and Local Kashmiri non-descriptive cattle at three different stages of lactation (early, mid and late lactation) and was aimed to explore the comparative milk transcriptome of two breeds. This investigation was directed to reveal if certain unique traits are associated with the local germplasm which has been otherwise diluted through extensive crossbreeding programmes and hence can be promoted and put to new use through proper breeding plans. To this end, transcriptional profiling was conducted by Illumina RNA sequencing. Subsequently GO and pathway analysis was performed through R-package (2.34.0). It was found that casein and whey protein genes were highly expressed across three different lactation stages. In Local cattle largest DEGs were reported between early and mid-lactation with 1805 genes whereas, in Jersey largest DEGs were reported between early and late lactation with 3392 genes. Through GO analysis the DEGs were mainly associated with development process, cellular matrix, collagen, basement membrane, insulin stimulus and immune system process. Insulin stimulus and growth factor stimulus were significantly enriched during early lactation. In Local cattle the upregulated genes were mainly associated with immune response and immune system process. With KEGG pathway analysis it was found that P13K-AKT, JAK-STAT and MAPK pathways were significantly enriched between the two breeds. The study provides some possible unique physico-chemical and immune properties in milk from local cattle and need to be further explored. This could lead to development of certain niche products and thereby help in conserving this unique germplasm which has been diluted through extensive cross breeding programmes. Key words: Keywords: Transcriptome, Jersey, gene ontology, KEGG pathway analysis

Shakil Bhat, Mudasir Syed, Basharat Bhat, Riaz Shah

Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Volume Electronic Poster Session - Biology & Species - Bovine (dairy) 1, , 136, 2018
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