Volume 2002. Session 21, Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production

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V. Guiard, Planning of intercross experiments using a regression model., vol. 2002. Session 21, p. 21.36, 2002. (188.34 KB)
J. Xu, London, N., Garbe, J., and Da, Y., Bias in linkage analysis due to ignoring epistasis effects., vol. 2002. Session 21, p. 21.11, 2002. (301.62 KB)
M. Perez-Enciso, Clop, A., and Noguera, J. L., Modelling QTLs linked to sex chromosomes., vol. 2002. Session 21, p. 21.09, 2002. (205.94 KB)
H. Gilbert and Le Roy, P., Multitrait methods for QTL detection in crossbred populations., vol. 2002. Session 21, p. 21.29, 2002. (254.07 KB)