Volume 2002. Session 28, Proceedings of the World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production

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S. D. Kachman and Fernando, R. L., Analysis of generalized linear mixed models with Matvec., vol. 2002. Session 28, p. 28.04, 2002. (166.53 KB)
W. J. Szkotnicki and Schaeffer, L. R., Testing the quality of random number generators., vol. 2002. Session 28, p. 28.14, 2002. (178.47 KB)
P. Bijma and Rutten, M. J. M., SelAction: software for optimisation of breeding programs., vol. 2002. Session 28, p. 28.15, 2002. (133.56 KB)
J. M. Henshall and Meyer, K., "PDMATRIX" - programs to make matrices positive definite., vol. 2002. Session 28, p. 28.12, 2002. (138.59 KB)
I. Misztal, Tsuruta, S., Strabel, T., Auvray, B., Druet, T., and Lee, D. H., BLUPF90 and related programs (BGF90)., vol. 2002. Session 28, p. 28.07, 2002. (120.12 KB)